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Narratives for Power BI Version 1.1 Release Notes


The Narratives for Power BI Team is pleased to announce the release of Narratives for Power BI 1.1. You can read through the release notes below for explanations on new features and functionality. Please note, these new features will automatically appear the next time you use the Narratives for PowerBI custom visual- there is no download necessary.

1. Additional chart type: Users can now generate narratives about scatterplots. After you select your values and dimensions, you will be able to choose “scatterplot” from the list of narrative types.

Regression analysis:

  • For scatterplots with two values, the narratives will identify correlation between the two values
  • For scatterplots with three values, the narratives will identify the level of correlation each of the first two values has on the third.

Other statistical analysis:

  • Narratives will identify the outliers for each value
  • Narratives will identify interesting clusters of entities along each axis

2. Deeper narratives for multi-dimension bar/column/tree map charts: Narratives will now discuss the data across the secondary dimension, in addition to the primary dimension. Users will gain an additional perspective and insight into the data that is often difficult to see visually.

3. User interface improvements: We’ve made it easier to interact with narrative settings by making its appearance more distinct within our custom visualization.

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